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I’m a huge fan of Kevin Kelly and his information collection. This selection of writing tips was referenced in Cool Tools in 2011.

Fun fact: I have a tip that was published on Cool Tools, and which was therefore printed in the Cool Tools book.

Awesome fact: Kevin Kelly was the cofounder of Wired, a producer of The Last Whole Earth Catalog, and a personal hero of mine. See kk.org


The Real Reason Fans Hate the Last Season of Game of Thrones – Scientific American Blog Network

This is a very thoughtful piece.

The Real Reason Fans Hate the Last Season of Game of Thrones – Scientific American Blog Network
— Read on blogs.scientificamerican.com/observations/the-real-reason-fans-hate-the-last-season-of-game-of-thrones/

Saving the cat

This is a meta-post about writing, rather than writing itself.

If you are interested in writing, you should read Stephen Pressfield’s “The War of Art” and his blog. It’s all about writing, the struggle, and the craft (including things like character development).

Today’s “Writing Wednesdays” post is about character development, and how to make ambiguous characters interesting. I think you’ll enjoy it. https://stevenpressfield.com/2019/04/a-save-the-cat-moment/


In response to a prompt on twitter

The words are slow or none or

the words are fast or fleeting or

gone and sometimes in fair season scribed to read not lost lost

-30- ^D EOF and other antique endings




Walking the old dog, not yet in his final decline

Seeing some lilacs by the side of the road when I’m walking my dog
I remember, clear as the drone of traffic sitting in an old thicket of lilacs dead in the middle
On my grandparents farm

Listening to the drone of the cars and the trucks on the turnpike as the world seemed to go by but it didn’t matter
50 years ago or yesterday
Clear as the drone of traffic

And I dead in the middle

quiet night

dog snoring, maybe better.
hope for a better day to-
morrow and sleep. many more
or few, but years he has

affectionate but injured
there are days
when he resembles a

the wind blows and crumples itself against home

a jet whines, winding down for landing
quiet night
the dog dying or not dying, eating or not eating, coaxing in each bite
open his mouth, throw in the pills, squirt the syringe to make him swallow

mending slowly or is that an illusion
and again tomorrow
i hope

“Don’t be who ISIS wants you to be”: Bloggers on Paris and Beirut

The WordPress.com Blog

Telling stories has power; they connect us, help us work through the raw emotion, and give us a way to make sense of events. After last week’s devastating violence in Paris and Beirut, these nine bloggers shared theirs, helping us do just that. Reading their posts may not be easy — but it is important.

Cultive le Web, “Attentats à Paris, j’étais rue de Charonne

A writer from Cultive le Web was out for an evening with friends Friday night when shooting began on the rue de Charonne. The staccato phrasing of this play-by-play post captures brings readers some tiny measure of the fear, panic, and disbelief. It’s an unvarnished outpouring we wish he had no occasion to write, but are glad he did.

9:45 p.m. Noise, screams. A fight? A rowdy crowd there at the bar? They must be drunk, like on any Friday night in Paris, right? I come closer. A group of people…

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