Making room, cleaning up, and moving on

I intended to write in THIS blog every day, but I’ve been busy looking for my next gig, and to that end, updating my business blog, talking to people, having meetings, etc. So I am doing “Nulla dies” but not here.

Today is a gorgeous day; sunny, temperate, mild. The birds are singing. Last night is expected to be the last night where the temperature drops below freezing for the season. I’ve taken several bins of paper recycling out of my office, vacuumed thoroughly, and have more to do. Set up a couple more meetings for this week.

This week’s goal for writing is to turn my office into a “writing machine” where my references are all handy, my computer properly placed, and an overall sense of calm and order is in place.

Making good progress.

I am reminded of a passage by one of my professorial undergraduate inspirations (Robert Grudin), when I moved from an engineering university (Washington University in St. Louis) to an arts and letters university (University of Oregon). I believe it was his book “The Grace of Great Things.” He sat down to write a chapter of his book, and noticed that his office was dingy with leftover cigar smoke. In cleaning up, and wiping away the grime, his mind cleared, and he was able to sit down and write without ceasing, refreshed and renewed.

Spring cleaning, airing the house, and clearing the mind are all wound tightly together for me now.

Best wishes from Toronto,



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