Random thoughts on the death of a dog

Some friends of ours just lost their dog. I think back to what it was like when our dogs died when I was young, and feel the pain again.

Goodbye, Chai. You were most definitely a Good Dog, and I’m sorry you never got to meet our dog Strider.  He’s getting older, and I don’t look forward to the day he dies, hopefully a long, long time from now.  Goodbye again to Gigi, Terry and Sniffer, my old companions.

Recommended reading:  The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein.  I read this almost by accident, as I ordered it on my Kindle when I’d intended only to read a sample…and then couldn’t put it down.  Sad and joyous, all at once.


One thought on “Random thoughts on the death of a dog

  1. Your kind words to commemorate our beloved hounds are so appreciated right now. I too have had many canine friends come and go, all of them touched my life in a unique and awesome way. The worst part right now is getting used to the empty space in the house where she used to fit (not surprising she took up a lot of room) and still kind of expecting her to be there waiting when I get home from work…the phrase ‘gone but not forgotten’ is well-worn but very apt.

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